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Paradise in the Palms Studio is owned and directed by Nancy Griffin. 

Nancy has performed both Danse Orientale and Hawaiian Hula for over twenty five years. She has taught both dance forms for over twenty years, in studio and travelling workshop settings. She is beloved and respected in the dance community for her clear, supportive, fun ways of teaching , and her engaging performance style onstage. Her curiosity and affection for these cultures spurs her to always learning more, so that she has new enrichment to pass on to her students and audiences. 

 Nane  (Nancy’s name in Hawaiian) has had the honor and pleasure to study on the Mainland and in Hawai`i with some of the greatest Hawaiian kumu hulas: Uncle George Na`ope, O`Brian Eselu,Chinky Mahoe, Cy Bridges, Keith Awai, Charles Kaupu, Nani Lim Yap, Leialoha Lim Amina, Leimomi Cruz-Lozano, and Kawika Alfiche.  Her deepest mahalo (respect and thanks) and aloha goes out to all her kumu hula, past, present, and future.

Hyetti (Nancy’s given Arabic name) has had the honor and pleasure to study in the U.S. and Canada with some of the greatest Danse Orientale teachers/performers of our time: Naharin, Elena Lentini, Mahmoud Reda, Robert “Bobby”Farrah,  Dalia Carella, Lila Courval, ZaBeth, Bert Balladine, Morwenna Assaf, Valeri Camille,and Riskallah Riyad.  As above, her deepest respect and thanks goes out to all her teachers in this ancient tradition, past, present, and future.

Nancy invites you to share  the joy of learning, experiencing, and performing these two most ancient of dance expressions with her!